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Mr Nolimit Auto Sales and Automotive is proud to announce the launch of his new car dealership website!

Having lived and worked in the Charlotte area for nearly 50 years, we here at Mr. Nolimit Auto Sales are dedicated to offering high-mrnolimitquality, pre-owned vehicles to our customers.  From the moment you walk through our door, we’re committed to providing you with a great car-buying experience.  With our skilled sales staff and financing options, we’ll help you get the right vehicle for your needs and budget.

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Fast and easy, that’s what Mr Nolimit Auto Sales and Automotive is at Be sure to check out all the vehicles for sale at or even schedule services like tune-up’s, oil changes, tire rotation, and even automobile detail at

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Services | Automobile Maintenance


What is it? A visual inspection all of the engine, installation of new parts (spark plugs and fuel filters) as needed, emission level assessment, and timing/idle speed adjustment.

Why do I need it? A properly tuned vehicle results in all systems working together cohesively, restored power and efficiency, savings at the gas pump, and lower pollutant emissions.

How often is it needed? Check your owner’s manual. Tune up intervals vary by vehicle.

How much is it? The price starts at $35 and is based on the vehicle and work/parts needed.


 All Service Costs Dependent Upon Vehicle

o   Oil Changes = Starting at $20

o   Brake Service = Starting at $25

o   Tune Ups= Starting at $35 (price depends on vehicle)

o   Tire/Mount/Balance Service Cost = $35 – $75 per tire

o   Rotation (Speed Balance) = $10 per tire for standard vehicles

o   Rotation (Speed Balance) = $20 per tire for luxury vehicles (Mercedes, BMW, Audi, Lexus, etc.)

o   Plug = $10 per plug

o   Patch Job = $15 – $20 (depending on vehicle) per patch

o   Speed Balance = $15 per tire for standard vehicles

o   Speed Balance = $20 per tire for luxury vehicles

o   Leak in Rim (Bead Seal) = $25 per tire

o   Valve Stems = $15 per stem

o   On-site Detailing (walk-ins welcome)

CARS                                                                     TRUCKS/SUVs

Exterior Wash Only – $10                               Exterior Wash Only – $15

Wash & Vac – $15                                             Wash & Vac – $15

Wash, Vac & Wax – $30                                  Wash, Vac & Wax – $35